Deware of Certified Checks (again)

Author: Lisa   |   Posted on: June 08, 2017

We received two calls from different RWA users yesterday reporting the same individual attempting the old certified check scam.  Phone number and email were the same for both scam attempts:

[email protected] and a phone number of 775-372-7697. 

In both cases he offered to send a certified check and once the seller cashed it at their bank, he would send movers over to pick up the item. 

In this scenario, it's easy to imagine the scammer saying  “I made the check out for over the amount, just send the proceeds back to me”.

Bigger items are more likely to be targeted here like cars and washing machines. Be alert. No money is ever free. We don't want this to cost you!

Always work with local buyers, people you can meet. If the buyer wants to do certified check GO TO THE BANK TOGETHER, and see the check being written by the teller. Never ever take a certified check via mail because it probably isn't actually certified or drawn on a real account.

Buy local: sell local.

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