Author: Lisa   |   Posted on: April 18, 2017

NEW! Dec 12, 2016: CHECKS FOR CARS - Two of our neighbors were scammed on two car purchases today and yesterday. Be very alert and say "no" to any buyer who is willing to write you a check for OVER your asking price. Nevada Bank & Trust just called Ruby Radio to report they recieved two fraudulent checks: Drawn on a Maryland bank called "Santander Bank" Same check number Routing number might have been wrong too Both checks were for over the asking price and the buyer wanted "cash back". Nah uh. Do not be seduced by extra money or an easy negotiation. Cars are hot targets because the dollar amount is relatively high enough that you don't mind giving $1000 cash back. That's like giving a thousand of your dollars to a complete stranger. This scammer has been reported to the FBI. The only way to accept checks is to go together WITH your buyer to their bank, draw funds on *their* account through the cashier. Never take a cashier's check you do not personally see the teller write out. If the buyer doesn't want to do all of that, then you might have a fraudulent buyer and you should say no. All out-of-town buyers are very likely scammers. Sell locally so you can sell safely. Never ever give cash back. Be safe out there.

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