Author: Lisa   |   Posted on: November 21, 2016

Nov 21, 2016: EXOTIC ANIMALS - A scammer out of "Bartow, FL" (spelled wrong) with a 213 area code (which a Los Angeles area code, not Florida) made several posts today offering exotic animals like African Grey Parrots, Persian kittens and puppies for free or very low prices. The scammer offered to ship these animals via Delta or Continental Airlines. By the way Continental Airlines ceased operations in 2012 so that is another clue the post was a fraud. There are no parrots or kittens or puppies. The scam is intended to get you to send money in advance to cover the cost of shipping the non-existant animals. Please do not be fooled. Do not start a transaction and send money for anything you cannot personally verify. Please only buy or sell locally with people you can meet in the community to buy and sell items you can see and touch.

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